Ending all Rejections

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. Revelation 3:20 (Bible)

Some of the saddest words we can ever hear on earth are: “We don’t have room for you.”

Jesus knew how those words slam your heart. For while He was still in Mary’s womb the innkeeper said, “We don’t have room for you.” …

And when he was hung on the cross, wasn’t the message one of utter rejection? “We don’t have room for you in this world.”

Even today God is given the same response as He goes from heart to heart, asking if He might enter, If Love could descend, If Truth could find a place, If we could trust His Way. A chance, a trust to transform manger’s which stink to objects of beauty which adorn homes, malls and churches during this season. To transform the darkness and hopelessness to resound with shouts of Joy. The place of trash and worthlessness, could be transformed to be a place where wise men with treasures and wisdom would visit.…

Every so often, he is welcomed. Someone throws open the door of his or her heart and invites him to stay. And to that person Jesus gives this great promise: … “In my father’s house are many rooms.” …

What a delightful promise he makes us! We make room for him in our hearts, and he makes room for us in his house.

It’s Christmas and God once again reminds us, that He has room for all. Infact Jesus so much loved us, that He himself became the door, and He said, I am the Door. On the cross, when He was ripped open, He opened for us the way to God.  Even in His death, He had his arms wide open, lest anyone miss. He open the door of acceptance for every one who has been rejected and for everyone who has been rejecting God.  The sinner, the broken, the marred, the used, the abused, the sick, the lame, the hurting, the cast away, the lonely, the misunderstood, the poor, the lowly, the prostitute, the bleeding, the untouchable and the despised, every one can enter in, thru the only door, between Man and God, between Heaven and Earth, between life and death.

Christ unlike others and religions, philosophies and guru’s, doesnt demand us to change to be accepted. He infact becomes the door of our acceptance. He accepts us, to change us. Therefore He comes to us, while we are yet sinners.

Come as you are – There is still room.

Happy Christmas, May He be born in your hearts, May you find the door that awaits you.

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